April, 2022
StopSIMCrime Summit

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“On October 26, 2018 a hacker stole $1M from me, and the crime was made possible by AT&T.”

The hacker convinced, or bribed, an AT&T customer service rep to change my SIM number to work with his phone.

AT&T gave him control of my mobile service and then all text messages to my number went to the hacker’s phone.

This cybercrime is called a fraudulent “SIM swap”. Because of AT&T, the hacker was then able to take control of my Gmail by clicking “forgot password”, which sent a text to the hacker’s phone instead of mine to reset my email password. In minutes, I lost control of my mobile service, email and several other accounts. Then he logged into my financial accounts and used my $1M in US dollars to buy Bitcoin with my $1M and sent it all to himself. He also got picture perfect copies of my birth certificate, passport and driver’s license. This all happened in 20 minutes, and all because of AT&T and a 21-year old criminal. This was most of my life savings and it’s been devastating to my family.

SIM crime is happening to thousands of victims across the major carriers. Law enforcement can arrest and convict the criminals, but we must stop the carriers. StopSIMCrime is raising money to help victims take legal action to get the mobile carriers to change their ways, and to get our money back. We are also advocating for new laws to force the mobile carriers to stop giving control of our mobile service to criminals.

“Please donate to ensure this does not happen to you.
Thank you for your support.”

Rob Ross

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Let’s make them stop! Make a donation for public service announcements, legal actions, and creating legislation that to make it impractical for the mobile carriers to continue to give your mobile service to criminals.

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