CA v Joel Ortiz


**Joel Ortiz hacked not less than 14 sim swap victims and stole their identities, personal information, and money amounting to not less than $7 Million worth of cryptocurrency. **

Updates **1/29/20 **6th restitution hearing got held **5/17/19 **Restitution hearings commenced **4/19/19 **Probation and sentencing got held 4/9/19 Update: Watch: A Letter to Sim Swap Hacker Joel Ortiz - Sentenced to 10 Years Prison for $7M Crytpo Hack

Status Update as of 3/14/2019 Probation and sentencing hearing has commenced

Status Update as of 1/24/2019 Hearing: Plea got held

Status Update as of 8/9/2018 Hearing pleas have commenced

Status Update as of 7/19/2018 Arraignment got held

Claims in
CA v Joel Ortiz
Computer crime - altering and damaging computer data with intent to defraud or obtain money, or other value

Under Penal Code 502 PC, unauthorized computer access is a crime in California when it involves accessing another person’s or company’s computer, data, software, or a computer network without permission. This includes altering, damaging, deleting, destroying, or otherwise using any of the data.

Crime of using personal identifying information without authorization

Penal Code 530.5 is the California statute that defines the crime of identity theft. This section makes it illegal to take someone’s personal identifying information and use it in any unlawful or fraudulent manner. 


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