James Chen v Bank of America


**Bank of America allowed hackers to steal ** $514,668 by illegally authorizing wire transfers from and to his account for Authorizing a new account application under his name without his authorization.

09/16/20 Update Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald dismissed this case with prejudice. Each party shall bear its own attorneys' fees and costs. Case Terminated.

9/9 19 Update Defendants Bank of America and Gemini Trust Company filed a motion to dismiss, effectively denying all allegations.

Status Update as of 08/09/19 Plaintiff James Chen First Amended Complaint got Filed.

Claims in
James Chen v Bank of America
Violation of Electronic Funds Transfer Act
  1. Under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act 15 U.S. Code § 1601, Congress finds that economic stabilization would be enhanced and the competition among the various financial institutions and other firms engaged in the extension of consumer credit would be strengthened by the informed use of credit.
  2. Under 15 U.S. Code § 1693, Congress finds that the use of electronic systems to transfer funds provides the potential for substantial benefits to consumers. However, due to the unique characteristics of such systems, the application of existing consumer protection legislation is unclear, leaving the rights and liabilities of consumers, financial institutions, and intermediaries in electronic fund transfers undefined.
Violation of Unfair Business Practices Under Business & Professions Code

Section 17200 et. seq. of the California Business & Professions Code (BPC) defines “unfair competition” in three categories: “Unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business act[s] or practice[s]”; “Unfair, deceptive, untrue or misleading advertising”; and Violations of the provisions of California law starting at § 17500 of the BPC.


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