USA v Jaratt White, et al


The People of the United States alleges that Jarratt White, Robert Jack, and Fendley Joseph were employees of wireless companies when the fraudulent sim swaps occurred.

2/7/20 Update Complaints as to Jarratt White was dismissed, that the Appearance Bond and the Order Setting Conditions of Release be canceled.

02/03/20 Update Motion to Dismiss Complaint Without Prejudice by the United States of America as to Jarratt White, Robert Jack, Fendley was filed

  • On January 31, 2020, each of the defendants appeared in Court and entered into a pretrial diversion agreement with the government. Pursuant to its agreements with the defendants, the United States is requesting that charges against them be dismissed and will not reinstate charges so long as defendants successfully complete their diversionary programs. 
Claims in
USA v Jaratt White, et al
Wire fraud, Aiding and Abetting

This law makes defrauding, devising a scheme to defraud by means of wire, TV, signal unlawful.


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