USA v Joseph James O'Connor


The People of the United States alleges James O' Connor between March and May 2019. Defendant participated in a scheme to use SIM swaps to steal approximately $784,000 worth of cryptocurrency from a Manhattan-based Cryptocurrency company. 

11/2/2021 Update *INDICTMENT UNSEALED as to James Connor. *Attorney update in a case as to Joseph James O'Connor. Attorney Olga I Zverovich for the USA. *Case of Joseph Connor was assigned to Judge Richard M. Berman *ORDER as to Joseph James O'Connor for the limited unsealing of this matter signed by Magistrate Judge Kevin Nathaniel.

8/26/2021 Update A sealed document got placed in a vault.

8/25/2021 Update SEALED INDICTMENT as to Sealed Defendant.

Claims in
USA v Joseph James O'Connor
Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud

confederate, and agree together and with each other to commit

Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering

A person knowingly did combine, conspire, confederate, and agree together and with each other to commit money laundering.

Aggravated Identity Theft

Whoever, during, and in relation to any felony violation enumerated in subsection (c), knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person.


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