USA v Mason John Sheppard


**The People of the United States of America alleges that Mason John Sheppard is "Chaewon", who is part of the gang that was responsible for the infamous Twitter hack on July 15, 2020. **

Mason John Sheppard conspired with other hackers to knowingly steal desirable Twitter handles to sell and steal celebrity Twitter accounts to control and use for scamming victims by asking them to send bitcoin to get more bitcoins.

7/31/20 Update The Court has granted the prosecution's motion to unseal the complaint and affidavit of this case.

Mason John Sheppard has violated the Laws as per section  United States Code, Section 1030,1343, and 1956.

Claims in
USA v Mason John Sheppard
Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud

confederate, and agree together and with each other to commit

Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering

A person knowingly did combine, conspire, confederate, and agree together and with each other to commit money laundering.

Aiding and Abetting

is a claim related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets (encourages, incites) another person in the commission of a crime.


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