April, 2022
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USA v Nima Fazeli


**The People of the United States of America alleges that Nima Fazeli is “Rolex,” “Rolex#0373,” “Rolex#373,” and “Nim F"", who is part of the gang who were responsible for the infamous Twitter hack on July 15, 2020. **

Nima Fazeli conspired with other hackers to knowingly steal desirable Twitter handles to sell and steal celebrity Twitter accounts to control and use to scam victims by asking them to send bitcoin to get more bitcoins.

**Court documents for this case are sealed. **

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USA v Nima Fazeli
Computer Intrusion

Cyber crimes, which involve hacking into personal computers, cell phones or other electronic devices, are on the rise in the United States. This type of crime is known as computer intrusion. Criminals target individuals and businesses to steal personal identifying information from these devices.


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