What is a sim card?
A SIM card is a microchip that inserts into a compatible mobile device and identifies, authenticates and connects the mobile device to a mobile network. Each SIM card is identified with a global unique serial number called an Integrated Circuit Card ID (“ICCID”) which is comprised of a 19- or 20- digit number which is printed on the SIM card itself. The terms “ICCID”, “SIM serial number”, “SIM card number”, and “SIM number” are interchangeable.

SIM Swapping

How are sim swappers able to access accounts that are protected by security questions?
Sim swappers can use phishing emails, malware, and social media stalking to gather data that can be used to answer security questions.

Who are the Sim Swappers?

Are SIM-swappers only after cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency isn’t the only thing that can be stolen. 2019 saw a transition from stealing crypto to stealing sensitive data, such as business documents, personal information, or other data. The SIM swappers no longer need to rely on directly stealing funds—they can also succeed via extortion.
Who is a sim swapper?
A sim swapper is a scammer who remotely hijacks your phone number and sets it up on another device to steal your mobile identity.

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